Br. Nicholas Banda ... 

We would like to know where you have been in your mission before coming to MIC

Br. Nicholas: I have worked in different schools in Malawi. Immediately I was formator at the Marist Postulate in Mtendere in Malawi for three years I taught English, Mariology and Sacraments and also a community bursar. From January 2019 to April I was in Manila EAPI for renewal.

When you were appointed to come to MIC as the Administrator, what was your reaction? Did you accept it or not?

Br. NicholasVery much surprised because I have worked here before for six years: 2002 to 2008. At the same time I was provincial bursar for southern Africa for nine years. This time the provincial had told me that I will be on one year sabbatical. But hardly after two months into my sabbatical things changed, I was asked if I could consider coming over to MIC. I understood the need to break my Sabbatical and come over so I accepted to come to MIC. Of course the provincial gave me some time to think and pray over it. After a week I accepted to come to MIC. 

 Mary our Mother 

I feel happy with the work am doing

Please, we would like to know your experiences since you came to MIC in July, 2019

Br. Nicholas: It has not been easy getting used to my new role. The last time I was working in MIC I was not directly responsible for ground workers. Another Brother was responsible for maintenance. This time its like I am doing two or more jobs. On the other hand the work is less since there is a full time accountant. It makes it easier. All the same I feel happy with the work am doing. I am also happy with the way different Brothers encourage me in my work this makes my work enjoyable. I have job satisfaction. My little Kiswahili adds to the joy of working with different people.

 Many appreciate what is being done within MIC formation 

We would also like to know how you see MIC of today as compared to the one you had as a Student Brother

Br. Nicholas: The MIC of today has a lot of young Brothers ready to prepare themselves as Marist apostles. Many are really giving themselves to their formation. Many appreci-ate what is being done within MIC formation. During my time many had already been Brothers for some years before they came to MIC. But the dedication was the same. That time older Brothers found it difficult to adapt to the situation of MIC then.

 I am coping very well 

Due to the fact that you have been at MIC for three consecutive moments now, now are you coping with the administrative duties of the Community and the School ?

Br. Nicholas: I am coping very well. The three times I have been around I have met and interacted with different people and with differ-ent richness. Each time I have come to work except for some workers that have always been here people are different. I must say that the efforts in Kiswahili and French learning are paying off. I am very lucky that among the Marist Brothers of Africa I know most of them especially those that have passed through MIC.

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