Little brothers of mary  

Br. Spiridion NDANGA

Animator - RWANDA

Chanel fraternity is named after a Marist martyr, St Peter Chanel, who came from a family of eight they lived in a small town of Cuet in rural France. He was the fifth child. He received his early religious education from his family’s teaching and practices. He became a seminarian and was ordained as a priest on the 15th of July 1827. The special devotion to Mary, which he received from his mother, was so alive and burning in him that he joined the society of Mary under the leadership of Father Colin. Later, he was one of the first groups of Marist Missionaries of the Pacific island. He worked for three years in Futuna with brother Jean Marie Nizier, before he was martyred for his preaching the Christian faith.

Like  founder, st Marcellin Champagnat and st Peter Chanel were know for their prayer life, living in the presence of God, devotion to Mary and their special love for the Poor, in the footsteps of Mary, we shall develop a fraternity spirit that is contemplative in action, hence deepening the mystical dimension of our lives as brothers of Champagnat.
According to the superior general the new beginning involves going back to our root “La Valla”. The table preserved in the house of our origins at La Valla, has become a symbol of the community that gathered around it. Like all objects connected to real experiences of our own history, this table connects us to stories that have come down to us and awaken in us a variety of emotions.

 In the way of mary 

Br. Geromino RAIMONDO

3 rd Year - MOZAMBIQUE

Br. Dominic ZGAMBO

2 nd Year - MALAWI

Br. Ezekiel AHMADOU

4 th Year - NIGERIA

Br. Benjamin ADI

1 st Year - NIGERIA

Br. Basil NGUM

2nd Year - CAMEROON

Br. Christopher CHAGUNDA

4 th Year - MALAWI


1 st Year - ANGOLA

Br. Andrianirina LOVATIANA

1 st Year - MADAGASCAR

Br. Benjamin KRA

1 st Year - COTE D'IVOIRE

Br. Augustine OKOKON

2nd Year - NIGERIA

Br. Manuel SIMAO

4 th Year - ANGOLA

Br. Paulin TUO

4 th Year - COTE-D'IVOIRE

Br. Augustine NJUAKOM

3 rd Year - CAMEROON

Br. Golden TATI

3 rd Year - ZAMBIA

Br. Steve MULEBA

4 th Year - ZAMBIA

Br. Cornelius IMBWAKA

2 nd Year - KENYA