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The Marist Brothers were founded in 1817 by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, a young French priest. He founded the order as a way to combat the illiteracy and spiritual poverty in post- Revolutionary France.

 St. Marcellin believed God called upon him to help young people, especially those in need. He responded by forming a religious community of Brothers dedicated to educating youth and conveying the love of Jesus Christ through Mary.

Like many children of the time, St. Marcellin did not attend school regularly; the French Revolution wreaked havoc on civic life in that period. Although he was gifted with natural intelligence, St. Marcellin’s lack of formal education caused him to struggle as a seminarian. From those difficulties sprang his educational philosophy, “To educate children you must love them and love them all equally.”  While still in the seminary, St. Marcellin joined a small group of seminarians that pledged themselves to form a new society dedicated to Mary, while also being open to religious and laymen and women alike. 

 Mary our Mother 

 To educate children you must love them  

 we are the marist brothers of the schools 

Six months after his ordination St. Marcellin encountered a dying teenager who knew little of the Catholic faith. Following this encounter, St. Marcellin founded a religious community called The Little Brothers of Mary — now called The Marist Brothers of the Schools. His goal from this: to make Jesus Christ known and loved through the Christian education of youth, especially the most neglected.

The Marist Brothers are an international religious community of more than 4,000 Catholic Brothers dedicated to making Jesus known and loved through the education of young people, especially those most neglected.

 They strive to influence and transform the lives 

Marist Brothers strive to make a difference in the world by showing young people that they are loved, safe and cared for. They minister in school settings, parishes, retreats, spiritual accompaniments, at-risk youth settings, young adult ministries, and overseas missions.

Marist Brothers serve as educators, counselors, spiritual directors, social workers, youth leaders and missionaries. They strive to influence and transform the lives and situations of thousands of young people through education and spirituality, challenging young people to live their fullest potential in Christ every day.

 All to Jesus Through Mary, All to Mary for Jesus 

 Our personal faith, manner of sharing in the mission 

 Like Mary, the first disciple of Jesus 

Using Mary as the model, Marists imitate her faith response to God and share in her work of bringing Christ-life to birth and nurturing its growth in young people. Marist spirituality impels today’s Marists out into the world of young people’s lives, filled with hope and joy, bringing them news of the justice, mercy, and faithfulness of God. Like Mary, the first disciple of Jesus and our First Superior and Good Mother, Marists center their lives on Jesus, and their hearts on the needs of the youth.

Marists belong to one of the spiritually rich families in the Church. Our personal faith, manner of sharing in the mission of the Gospel, and means of forming Christian community are all shaped by the spirituality of Champagnat and the early Brothers, and have been developed by successive generations of Marists. 

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